Difference Between Commoners Wedding and Royal Wedding

Commoners Wedding vs Royal Wedding Weddings are the important occasions when two people commit to stay married to…

Commoners Wedding vs Royal Wedding

Weddings are the important occasions when two people commit to stay married to each other for a lifetime.  Wedding involving members of royal families are royal weddings while wedding of common people are commoners weddings. As is the difference between the people from royal families so is the difference between their weddings.

In case of a royal wedding it is not necessary that both of the members be from the royal families just like the wedding of Prince Charles and Diana and Prince William and Kate. These royal weddings are huge affairs involving the interest of almost entire nation and world depending on the royal family.

The most common differences between Royal weddings and Commoners Wedding are:

  • There are just a few royal weddings that happen and there may be lot of time gap between two royal wedding while commoner’s weddings are so common and they are a common event.
  • Royal weddings are matter of attention and this can be understood by the fact that as many as 750 million people watch the royal wedding of Prince Charles and Diana in 1981 and the recent wedding of Prince William and Kate which got global attention. Commoner’s weddings are more of a family event and are of no interest to anyone who is not related to the people who are getting married.
  • Royal weddings are performed as per the traditions of the royal family while commoner’s weddings are held at church and proceed as per the normal traditions.
  • Royal weddings are huge affair and they happen at grand level while commoner’s weddings are simple and small.
  • The wedding dress for royal weddings is special while in case of commoner’s weddings the wedding dress is usually the white gown with a veil for the bride. It is more a matter of personal choice.
  • It is a public holiday on Royal wedding day and is a great occasion for all the businesses related to weddings to make the most out of the day.

Apart from these differences there is something which is common about both types of these weddings. First of all, religion plays important role in both of them and in both the weddings people who are getting married commit to each other for togetherness in all the situations in a life. Wedding has the same meaning for any two people who get tied to each other.


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