Difference Between Latest Blackberry Smart Phones

Blackberry vs. Blackberry comparison of phones In today’s Corporate World, Smart Phones have become the rage and every…

Blackberry vs. Blackberry comparison of phones

In today’s Corporate World, Smart Phones have become the rage and every one prefers to go in for a Blackberry Smart Phones. These smart phones are most favourite and popular amongst the corporate executives who use it as a PDA.


One of the chief reasons for the popularity of the Blackberry Smartphones is that they are preferred for its capability of transmitting messages at a faster speed and their inherent low consumption of power.


Blackberry contrary to other branded smart phones was not motivated by the market. It fully comprehended the requirement of the customer and maintained its distinctiveness both in design and its wide array of applications. Yet, driven by the severe competition in the smart phones market, Blackberry has of late made an addition of latest consumer features to its most recent Blackberry models.


Blackberry has grouped its devices in accordance to its design, such as, Bold, Torch, Style, Storm, Curve, Tour and Pearl. The Storm is a touch-screen phone with a larger display. The Torch is a slider with a slide-out keyboard of the QWERTY type. A Tour comes along with an entertainment and mobile office distinctive features. The Bold has a combination of physical and touch keyboard for input and bears a far better battery life. The Curve has a push to talk ability and there is a capability of adding 20 people into conversation at the same time. In the Curve, media share is far easier and ultimately, the Style is a flip smart phone with a flip out QWERTY keyboard.

A comparison between the latest Blackberry Smartphones is given below:

Comparison between Blackberry Latest Smartphones
Model OS Display Speed Memory Network Price
Storm 3 BB 6.1 3.7″ 800×480 1200MHz 512MB; 8GB 2G, 3G
Torch 2 BB 6.1 3.2″ 640×480 1200MHz 512MB; 8GB 2G, 3G
Apollo BB 6.1 2.4″ 480×360 800MHz 512MB; 4GB 2G, 3G
Dakota BB 6.1 2.8″ 640×480 768MB; 4GB 2G,3G
Torch 9800 BB 6 3.2″ 480×320(Touch Screen) 634MHz 512MB; 8GB 2G, 3G
Bold 9780 BB 6 2.4″ 480×360 634MHz 512MB; 2GB 2G,3G
Style 9670 BB 6 Internal 400×360 External 320×240 512MB; 8GB 2G, 3G
Curve 3G 9330 BB 5.x 2.4″ 480×360 634MHz 512MB; 512MB 3G CDMA
Curve 3G 9300 BB 6, BB 5 2.4″ 320×240 634MHz 256MB; 256MB 2G,3G
Pearl 3G 9100 BB 5 400×360 256MB; 2GB 2G, 3G


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