Difference Between Romans and Greeks

Romans vs Greeks Romans and Greeks have hardly anything in common between them and there is no reason…

Romans vs Greeks

Romans and Greeks have hardly anything in common between them and there is no reason to get confused between them. Here are some differences summarized below to make the understanding of the differences far clearer:

  • Romans lived in Rome and in the Roman Empire while Greeks lived in Greece.
  • Greek culture is believed to be older than Roman culture.
  • If you consider art then you would notice that Greek sculptors are known for their beauty while Romans aimed at perfection.
  • Although people in both these civilization worshipped same Gods but Greeks were closer to nature and they tried to understand it out of concern. Romans, on the other hand, used natural resources without much care. Greek thoughts and philosophies were inspired by nature.
  • Romans were more practical with almost no emotional association with nature. It was only something that was to be used for fulfilling their needs while you can see close association of Greeks with nature in their stories. You can find animals as characters in their stories. This shows that they considered them important in their lives.
  • Romans were good architects while Greeks were great mathematicians as well as architects. You can see some of the examples of great Greek architecture which exist even today.
  • Names of Roman deities are those of planets and stars while Greek deities are not named in similar fashion. If you see the names of the deities then some of the examples are worth to be mentioned. Ares is the name of God of war who was tough and petrifying while Romans worshipped Mars as the God of war while mars was worshipped as God of Fertility.

All these differences in these two cultures are because of the time gap of centuries between their existences.


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