Difference Between Wife and Mother

Wife vs Mother Wife and Mother are two very important pillars in every man’s life and every household.…

Wife vs Mother

Wife and Mother are two very important pillars in every man’s life and every household. Though, a man is always in dilemma over the confusion to whom should he show more respect and importance?   The one certain fact is that both of them are equally important at their places.

When a man returns from office, it is the wife that takes care of him. From his clothes to other basic needs all are taken care of by her. She is your secretary, associate, friend, companion, or servant and boss all rolled into one. However a wife, unlike mother, doesn’t forgive the mistakes or blemishes on the part of his husband. A possibility of a misunderstanding or two is always there in the relationship of wife and husband, and thus, getting separated through divorce.

A mother’s love is unconditional. She wants only the well-being of her children. There is an Indian adage that one may have heard of a bad son, but there can never be a bad mother. Regardless of the amount of confusion or misunderstanding, her heart is always pure and speaks for her selfless love for her kids. She can never be separated from her kids. She educates her kids, morally strengthens and nurtures them. Her love is universal and unconditional.

One cannot choose between one’s mother and wife. The key is to maintain a healthy balance and show one’s love occasionally for both of them.


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