Distilled vs. Purified Water

Difference Between Distilled and Purified Water We live in times where pollution is at its peak and water…

Difference Between Distilled and Purified Water

We live in times where pollution is at its peak and water borne diseases giving sleepless nights to people. This why people become attracted to the gadgets and devices that purify water that is suitable for consumption and poses no harm to human health. There are many ways to purify water to make it fit for drinking by removing sediment and other impurities suspended like reverse osmosis, distillation and deionization and so on, and the fundamental purpose is to remove impurities present in water. Yet there are differences in distilled water and purified water that are essential to know in order to protect our health and also avoid any harm to us by the water.

Distilled water

Distillation is a process in which water is boiled and then cooled and collected in the form of steam in the separate column. As the suspended particles and impurities are heavy, they remain at the bottom and are not carried in the steam; finally we get pure water free from impurities. Boiling kills all the bacteria and we get just pure water (H2O) in the form of steam when cooled. However, distillation leads to loss of minerals present in water this is why although this water may be pure but not suitable for drinking. It’s good for scientific experimentation or for using in cars and inverter batteries. As it lacks essential minerals required by our whole body, distilled water is not good for our health and we can actually get dehydrated by this water just like sea water.

Purified water

The purified water nothing but water that has passed through various purification processes. These may include filtration, distillation, reverse osmosis and some more make sure the water does not contain any impurities and must be under 10 PPM. PPM is parts-per-million. Purified water, when it is boiled and collected in the form of steam is distilled water.

So technically, there is no difference between purified water and distilled water as the impurities were removed from both and they both contain 10 PPM pastures which is the benchmark for water to be classified as pure. However, although distilled water is also purified according to definition, it is not suitable for drinking. Remember, purified water is no exceptional water and only a special definition of water that contains less than 10 PPM. The level of purification depends on how many filters are used and the person doing the purification. Another difference between water and purified distilled water is that distilled water is costlier because of the energy required to boil water to bring it to a vapor stage.


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