Dolphin Browser Mini vs. Dolphin Browser HD

Difference Between Dolphin Browser Mini and Dolphin Browser HD There is no need to be anxious if you…

Difference Between Dolphin Browser Mini and Dolphin Browser HD

There is no need to be anxious if you are content with the Android browser built-in your smart phone. You can effortlessly install free versions of the Dolphin Mini or the Dolphin HD which will increase your browsing experience with useful features such as tabs and gestures and ultimately betters the performance. Although both the Mini and the HD have features that are identical, they also have their differences that will be discussed in detail so that users could opt for one that is well suited to their needs.

The Dolphin HD is rather slow and sluggish since it is fully loaded with features and does not work on older Android equipments. Contrarily, the Dolphin Mini is a lightweight version of the HD which includes some of the finest features of HD like multi-touch, gestures, bookmark sync and tabs. The Mini is also proud to show off a speed dial such as homepage and supports the RSS detection. The Mini consists of a decent speed that is extraordinary for a browser with several features and lets users to browse effortlessly and comes equipped with a totally new UI. It also provides countless tabs browsing with latest features of the gesture command. It also consists of a potent toolbox as well as a pioneering menu pattern. The Mini also supports Adobe Flash for the Android 2.2 and higher versions.

Contrarily, in case you have a new smart phone that operates on the latest Android OS, it is much better to switch on to the new Dolphin HD which is a heavyweight browser with most robust functions. There are however some of the features that are supported on the HD and are not available on Mini like book marks folder and sorting, data backup, theme pack, multi-lingual facility and add-ons. It allows file uploading on Frovo which cannot be done with the Dolphin Mini.

Dolphin HD has interchangeable drawers while the Mini uses the green heavy interface. Users may be required to get accustomed to this alteration if they switch from the HD to the Mini. The Gesture command is available on both the browsers and the main features of Dolphin browsers. In case, you want to refresh the page, you only need to draw a circle with your finger and if you want to open a new tab, merely draw an N with your fingers and the browser will act accordingly.


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