Dream vs. Imagine

Difference Between Dream and Imagine Dream and Imagine are two unique terms, which are diametrically different from each…

Difference Between Dream and Imagine

Dream and Imagine are two unique terms, which are diametrically different from each other both in terms of their interior meanings as well as their connotations. They are two distinct experiences of a person in entirely various situations.

“Dream” is a state of subjection which is otherwise called Sleep. It varies from the state of deep slumber in the sense that while in a sleep state, a person is prone to going through the state of dreaming.

“Imagine”, on the other hand, is a condition of passing through situations where all that occurs in an awakening state and still not being in a sleeping state.

While imagining, you could experience what you have not seen, such as, you can imagine yourself conversing with a person whom you have never met before even once in your lifetime. On the contrary, you cannot dream about a person whom you have not come across during your life span. For instance, you can always imagine holding a conversation with the Great Mogul Emperor, Akbar, yet you cannot dream about talking to Akbar, the Great, since you cannot visualize him having not seen him before. This forms one of the major variances between the terms, “Dream” and “Imagine”.

One other significant observation to be considered in the state of dream is that at times you would not be in a position to differentiate between the living and the dead. If you dream about a close relative who has been dead several years ago, you would not be able to experience the feeling of looking at that relative in your dream. It is only after you awaken from your sleep and are in a state of awakening that you would realize that you were dreaming about that dead person.

Contrarily, in a state of imagination, you would very easily be able to differentiate between the dead and the living. You can always imagine about the dead relative in a state of awakening being fully aware of the fact that the person you are imagining is no longer alive.

It would be pertinent to point out that imagining may prove to be perilous while dreaming may not be dangerous. The state of dreaming comes to an end the moment you are awake, whereas imagination can run wild and could at times lead to loss and destruction. It is widely believed that imaginations should be evaded at all times since this state of mind can continue endlessly, although dreaming stops immediately when awake.

Dreaming may not prove dangerous whereas imagining may prove dangerous. Wild imagination may lead to destruction and loss sometimes. Dreaming stops there whereas imagination continues till the doubts are cleared. Hence it is said that wild imagination should be avoided at all times.

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