Dropbox Vs. SugarSync

Difference Between Dropbox  And SugarSync Dropbox  and Sugar Sync essentially serve the same purpose: both of these applications…

Difference Between Dropbox  And SugarSync

Dropbox  and Sugar Sync essentially serve the same purpose: both of these applications help users back up and synchronize data on multiple computers and multiple devices together. For example, you’ve just created a document and saved it to a folder on your computer at work, immediately, that document will appear on your mobile phone, your laptop and home computer , you need not do any manipulation at all! In addition, all files are backed up on the server of the service so you can access at any time via a web browser.

The above are common features of Dropbox and SugarSync. Next I will discuss the differences between these two services.

Support OS and devices
Both support Windows, Mac, iPhone, iPad, Android, BlackBerry. But:

– Dropbox: The company now because of copyright issues have started using Linux and people are pleased that Dropbox supports Linux.

– SugarSync: does not support Linux, but in return, it supports Nokia’s Symbian operating system.

Both services are free versions for personal users and users can upgrade to the paid version to get the higher capacity and some other convenience.

– Dropbox: initial capacity for the free 2GB account and you can increase capacity through the recommendations of the Dropbox as connect with Twitter accounts and Facebook, “followers” on Twitter Dropbox … The total capacity you can upgrade to is 1GB.

– SugarSync: initial capacity for a 5Gb free account is given and you can increase capacity by installing a SugarSync on your computer, sharing a file for everyone to share a folder for all users, upload file by email, share registration link on your facebook. The total amount you are offered is 512Mb.

The policy of “reward”
Both services have policies to give space for you if you refer anyone else to use their services. But wait, there are also differences:

– Dropbox: 250MB if you are awarded one register and the maximum size for a form of “gift-capacity” is 8Gb.

– SugarSync, you are given 500MB if someone registered a maximum capacity … unlimited!


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