Duck vs. Goose

Difference Between a duck and a goose What is the difference between a duck and a goose? Both…

Difference Between a duck and a goose

What is the difference between a duck and a goose?

Both ducks and geese are birds that typically spend a great percentage of their day around water such as lakes and ponds. Both animals come from the same family of bird, Anatidae which often causes people to become confused with the two. Other than coming from the same family of birds there are really few similarities between the duck and the goose in terms of their behaviour.

The goose is known for making a loud honking noise and for being slightly larger than other birds from the same family. When the weather starts to turn cold, geese can be seen migrating south to warmer weather until it suitable for them to return. They are be identified by the V formation they make when migrating. The goose is an animal that is considered to be an herbivore meaning that it does not eat meat of any kind and feeds primarily on vegetables and other herbs and greens.

The duck are smaller in stature than the goose. Instead of making the loud honking noise like the goose, a duck makes a sound that resembles a quack. Ducks feed on a variety of plants and animals which is another way in which they differ from geese. Ducks are known for eating worms and other insects in order to get their protein in addition to feeding off of grass and other weeds in the water. Both ducks and geese have webbed feet but the goose has larger and the web tends to be larger than that found in ducks. When looking at the facial structures of the duck and the goose you will notice that the duck has nostrils that are placed higher up on the bill whereas on the goose they are lower.

Ducks are a species of bird that tend to be more domesticated than then the goose. In certain parts of the world, ducks are being bred as they valued for their eggs and meat. Ducks do not migrate south in the winter and can be found in lakes and ponds year round making it easier for people to bred them.

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