Dump Vs. Landfill

Difference Between Dump And Landfill Waste management is one of the biggest problems facing the world. In our…

Difference Between Dump And Landfill

Waste management is one of the biggest problems facing the world. In our daily lives, we produce waste that if not managed properly, can cause health and environmental problems. Governments have to determine the most efficient waste management and control systems.

A few decades ago, when the human population was not as dense as it is today, waste was treated easily. People used to dig pits where waste was stored. Most homes, especially in rural areas have there own pits, but a common dump is used by the urban population.

Dumps are not controlled by the government and lack production control. They are everywhere and may or may not be covered with soil. They are not tracked and the probability of contamination of drinking water by the fluids produced from the waste is very high.

The ideal landfill is one that is limited to a small area and is covered with a layer of soil. It is also necessary to have a liner in the bottom of the well to prevent leach ate from solid or liquid wastes to seep through and contaminate the drinking water.

When the landfill is full, a new should be created. Old fillings may become heap of toxic waste as a result of the inability of waste to decay naturally. As landfills are good sources for recycling, they reduce the risk of sanitation workers getting in danger of being buried under a pile of garbage if they are careless.

However, dumps and landfills are used to manage the waste problem; in the long run they can cause health and environmental risks.


1. A dump is the excavated portion of the land used for storage of waste, while a landfill is also a digged site for the storage of waste, which is controlled by the government.

2. A landfill is bigger than a dump.

3. A dump does no leach ate collection and waste treatment, while the landfill does.

4. A landfill has a liner in the bottom to catch the fluid that is produced from waste, but dump has no such lines.

5. After sometime, in the landfill waste that cannot rot produces toxic gases which are released into the air and soil while dumps are a risk because they can be anywhere

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