Difference Between DVD R and DVD RW The present age can be termed as an age of heavy…

Difference Between DVD R and DVD RW

The present age can be termed as an age of heavy media and the load of the media is becoming out of control with the growth of the internet and internet users. There needs to be some way of securing the media and for this purpose, the storage media is required to store the media on DVDs or Digital Versatile Disk or the Digital Video Disk. These DVD discs are currently available in several formats. Of these, the two Storage Medias that have gain popularity and are a favorite is the DVD-R and DVD-RW. Both these media allow users to record and store media files like music or movies and run them on all devices equipped with DVD drives. The main difference between them exists in the number of times they can be used.

A DVD-R is well known as the Readable DVD while the DVD-RW is a rewriteable DVD. This would essentially mean that you are able to store files only once in a DVD-R and cannot remove and record another file on it. The DVD-RW permits the user to delete and record information several times. It is astounding that the quality of modern DVD-RW is such that one can record and reuse it almost innumerable times.

The DVD-R appeared on the horizons of the computer industry during 1997 while the DVD-RW emerged on the scene two years later in 1999, which meant that the older devices such as DVD players and its associated DVD drives introduced two years earlier became incompatible with the advent of technology that came along with the DVD-RW. However, at a later stage, DVD drives are compatible with both the DVD-R and the DVD-RW.

While there is no doubt that a person can use the DVD-RW countless times to store information, they have surpassed the DVD-R in terms of space available for storage purposes. DVD-R discs are available in the present market in dual layer format which provides the user practically double the space of any ordinary single layered DVD-R disk, 8.5 GB in comparison 4.7 GB.

Since the DVD-RW provides an alternative of recording files as many times as the user may want, they are considerably more expensive than the ordinary DVD-R. A spindle of 50 DVD-R comes at the same cost as a spindle of 15 DVD-RW, which means that DVD-RW is approximately thrice the cost of the DVD-R.

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