Eating vs. Smoking Weed

Difference Between Eating and Smoking Weed Eating weed and smoking weed is two different method of consuming marijuana.…

Difference Between Eating and Smoking Weed

Eating weed and smoking weed is two different method of consuming marijuana. The weed is another name for marijuana is a psychoactive drug barred in most countries. It is a powder that comes from the Cannabis plant that is used in the curing of some health problems. The weed is known to mankind since time immemorial and finds mention in Hindu scriptures called the Vedas. In modern times, since its ill effects were discovered, the weed was outlawed in most countries. However, the weed continues to be used by a considerable number of people around the world. The weed contains more than 400 chemical compounds, many of which are considered to be undesirable for the mental health of people who consume it.

The use of weed is usually done by smoking while; it is also used by people who consume it by eating it. It is eaten by adding the weed in many recipes to make consumption easier. Smoking is as easy as it can be simply rolled into a fine piece of paper such as tobacco and inhaled like a cigarette. To get the most out of the effect of weed smokers use specially made rice straw or wheat. When paper is used, it should be fine as otherwise, by burning paper attenuates the effect of weed. There are many who use bongs to smoke the weed. These bongs are obtainable in the market but some people take advantage of a container at home to smoke the weed.

The other way to consume the weed is clearly preparing food items. However, if you want to prepare the weed filled cakes or brownies, you must ensure that it is legal in your country. No special cooking method is required as your recipe marijuana is ready in just adding the powder to the ingredients.

Speaking of differences in the two methods of consumption, obviously the first is that while you can eat your cake weeds without someone knowing that you are taking the weed, smoking does not seem so naive. Of the serious differences, there is a feeling among users that the eating the weed has affects later but this is longer than with smoking. On the other hand, the beginning of effect is immediate when people smoke weed as it goes directly into their body system. The person does not feel a thing for almost an hour when they eat the weed, but when the effect takes place, it is four times longer than what is estimated when the weed is smoked. It is consequently clear that we should be careful when adding the dried leaves of weeds to a recipe as the amount may be increased psychedelic effect remain for a considerable period. Alongside, it may even do harm to the person.


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