Ebay vs. Amazon

Difference Between Ebay and Amazon eBay and Amazon are two of the most popular and well known websites…

Difference Between Ebay and Amazon

eBay and Amazon are two of the most popular and well known websites that are widespread and used frequently by online customers. They are considered to the best shopping centers on the internet. Although both the shopping centers are renowned, there are sharp differences between eBay and Amazon. One of the major differences is that eBay is online auction sites on the web while Amazon is an online store.

While it is a fact that both sites are engaged in selling all types of items online, the difference lies in their technique of selling the items. The two sites further vary from each other in terms of ownership of items also.

Amazon owns the items that are sold, while eBay does not possess the ownership of the items that it sells or auctions on the site. This forms one of the most significant differences between the two sites. Another difference between the two websites is on the chances of getting scammed. There are greater chances of getting scammed on eBay while on the other hand, there is hardly any chance of getting scammed on the Amazon. It would be interesting to observe that eBay has been in troubled waters in the wake of scammers and they have launched a feedback method where participants in auction can leave feedback about others.
While buying items which are sold on Amazon, the quality of the items can be categorized as excellent since the authenticity of the quality is well founded by the fact that they are absolutely fresh and brand new. On the contrary, the quality of the products auctioned and sold on eBay cannot be guaranteed as most of the products sold and auctioned are most probably used ones. This is the primary reason that eBay is an auction site.

One of the other significant characteristics of buying on Amazon is that the products and goods sold by them carry a warranty with them in a similar manner as goods sold in other retail stores. However, one cannot anticipate such a warranty on the products or items bought in auctions on eBay site.

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