Ego vs. Pride

Difference Between ego and pride Do you know the difference between ego and pride? If you find it hard…

Difference Between ego and pride

Do you know the difference between ego and pride?

If you find it hard to distinguish between ego and pride, you are not alone. Their meanings are so similar that it is hard to tell the difference between then and therefore when they should be used. Ego is often thought of as referring to self-respect. This is certainly the case, but it can have the opposite effect because it can cause a person to be arrogant if he/she has an overabundance of self-respect. It is a feeling that you are better than others.

Ego comes from the mind and concentrates on the person. There are three things important in ego – I, Me and Myself. A person with a big ego is concerned about himself only and feels that everyone should cater to his wants and needs.

Pride is a feeling of satisfaction that you have when you do something well or accomplish something that was very difficult. You can also feel pride for another person, such as s sibling, a child, a spouse, etc. The sense of pride that you feel about an accomplishment is a healthy emotion and is what motivates you to keep going when you feel like giving up. If you take pride in what you do then you will always keep trying harder because you feel that you can do better.

Ego can be detrimental to relationships. A person who has a high ego finds it very difficult to apologize to another or admit fault. The feelings of superiority associated with ego are what provide this person with nourishment. It can be harmful to have a high ego because it keeps you from adjusting to others and being able to sustain a healthy relationship.

Ego leads to arrogance which can be defined as unhealthy pride. Pride is a feeling or pleasure and a sense of accomplishment can causes you to be humble. People who achieve greatness are always humble because they do not feel that they have done anything other than their best.

Ego results in a swollen head, and pride results in a swollen heart. The swollen head is dangerous because it gives you a false sense of your greatness. A swollen heart is beneficial because it teaches you the power of humility. Ego is therefore more than self-respect – it is self-admiration. Pride is a feeling of satisfaction at a job well done.

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