Emo vs. Trendy Styles

Difference Between Emo and Trendy Styles In the modern society, emo and trendy are the styles which have…

Difference Between Emo and Trendy Styles

In the modern society, emo and trendy are the styles which have been said as two most important and used character and personality expressions.  For individuals, these styles create a separate identity and bring a sense of gratification.

The style emo suggests slim fit jeans, pale look; kohl rimmed bold eyes, piercing, tattoos, studded belts and black wrist bands.  The typical emo look individuals would be high tempered, emotional and introvert. The individuals with emo looks have marked the music world with successful world where their fashion sense and style is copied by several fans. Emo describes one’s belief and ideals to outside world.

Trendy Style, on the other hand, is the fashion or style copied from a celebrity by his or her fan as a trend or fad.  This could be said as one of the most erratic aspect of fashion world.  It doesn’t create one’s identity or form an attitude for an individual through styling. It is rather a conscious choice of copying others by adapting anything under the Sun which is in trend. From changing hairstyles, accessories to clothes, the typical trendy style follower would like to adapt everything as soon as it changes.

These two forms of styling have formed the very shape of world fashion. Emo breathes behavior and attitude into styling. It is a combination of looks, attitude and music. More than clothes, emo styling is the grace and attitude of a person, who carries the look whereas trendy style is momentary. It is a fad that could quickly fade away as soon as new trend comes into picture.  It is lighter in nature and can be picked up easily.  It is more of a matter of fancy and style rather than one’s belief and ideology as in emo.

It would be completely wrong to typecast people based solely on their choices of styling. However, the race of being trendy and wanting to try anything that is classified as trend should be chased thoughtfully.


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