Difference Between ERP and MIS The use of information technology to make businesses more competitive and productive has…

Difference Between ERP and MIS

The use of information technology to make businesses more competitive and productive has become very popular and almost necessary in the last time. There are many systems that are used by organizations for this purpose. Two such powerful tools that provide management with all the relevant information that helps them to take better and effective decisions are ERP and MIS. There are many similarities in these two approaches, although there are launching a glare differences too. This article will highlight these differences to allow managers to choose one of them according to their requirements.


ERP is the Enterprise Resource Planning and refers to a wide range of activities that are basically served to help direct business in a better way. The information that is available through ERP helps a manger to learn the values ​​of key indicators or parameters. These values ​​are important for the administration to judge whether they are moving in the right direction to accomplish the goals and objectives of the organization. There are many applications of any ERP software as it can be used for inventory planning, purchasing, product planning, the interaction with suppliers, customer service has also eye on the orders. Additionally the ERP software can help the administration in human resource planning as well as in applications to finance. An ERP system requires new work processes and training of employees.


It represents the Administration and Computer system is used to make essential information available to the administration that is vital for the better administration. It is basically a computer system computer integer operations business. It basically maintains information about all departments of an organization in a central database and makes available the information that managers can make better decisions based on this information and also the direct flow of information from one department to another in a smooth and streamlined manner. MIS has the ability to produce reports as and when requested by the user. It is mostly used to create reports based on which decisions are taken.


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