Father vs. Mother

Difference between father and mother Father and mother who are together called as parents play a very important…

Difference between father and mother

Father and mother who are together called as parents play a very important role in the life of any children. Father and mother is an inseparable part of  any child’s life that is why they are most of the times referred to as parents. Then question arises why are these words used differently. These words are used differently because of the fact that both the father and mother have separate roles to play in a family.

Father is generally the decision maker of the family or in other words the head of the family. Father is the bread earner of the family who earns his income through a job or business. Father has to take care of the basic needs of the household. Mother on the other hand is called a home maker who has to look after the in-house functions of the home. For a mother, home itself is her office who doesn’t necessarily take up a job.

It is the responsibility of the Father to see to it that the family is self sufficient in monetary terms so as to sustain the requirement of essential items in the house such as food, clothing and other important accessories pertaining to the household. On the other hand Mother has to look after the upbringing of the children in house by nurturing them, properly feeding them, taking care of their hygiene and see to it that children are in good health. There is a saying that every child in the world grows according to the guidance given by the mother. The reason being that the  mother of the child is responsible to monitor the growth of her children in terms of health, education and behavior. Father looks after the education of the child in house while the mother looks after the nourishment of the child in house.

Mother is more associated with softer side of a child while a father is more associated with the harder side of the child’s development. Mother provides love, affection to children, shares with child inner feelings, observes their mood and identify their problem. Mother’s love is boundless and imperative in the development of a child, more so in the moral and psychological development of a child’s mind. Whereas a father provides physical protection to his children and guides them to be stronger person in mind, guide them on their education and career and show them the outer sphere of the world.

With changing times it is difficult for one to distinguish the roles of father and mother. The roles of Mother and Father is interchangeable in various spheres of life so as to mould their children in becoming good citizens of their country.

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