Fisheye Lense vs. Wide Angle Lense

Difference Between Fisheye Lense and Wide Angle Lense Fisheye lens and wide angle lens are types of lenses…

Difference Between Fisheye Lense and Wide Angle Lense

Fisheye lens and wide angle lens are types of lenses used in single lens reflex cameras. They are wide angle lenses but, they have some differences that necessitate their partition into dissimilar categories.

Fisheye Lens

Fisheye lenses can be considered extreme wide angle lenses as their views can stretch up to 180 degrees. They were initially formed for the intention of studying cloud formations but photographers became involved in them because they give a unique distorted view. Three types of fisheye lenses are there: the circular fisheye lens, the full-frame fisheye lens and the miniature fisheye lens.

Wide Angle Lens

Wide angle lenses are type of lens that give a wide angle view and they come in 35, 28, and 24mm lenses. Standard wide angle lens are 28mm. Wide angle lens provide great field depth, making it easier to center foreground and background in single shot. A wide angle lens is suitable for taking pictures in tight spaces and enclosed spaces.

Difference between Fisheye and Wide Angle Lenses

Fisheye lenses give a sort of bend to its image; it’s like seeing through a peephole, which accidentally uses fisheye lenses as well. Due to this, fisheye lenses are best for big open spaces as they take more view. Wide angle lens are not suitable for open spaces as it will show the image of being at distance. Wide angle lens is great for group close-ups and restrained spaces. Fisheye lenses are good for pictures of large crowds. Both lenses are good for landscape shots, but wide angle lens can also be used but it will appear as if you are standing far away, so it may be essential to move in closer.

Wide angle and fisheye lens are immense additions to any photographer’s tools and they are really a must for those that like to take pictures of sceneries.


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