Fission vs. Fusion

Difference Between Fission and Fusion Fission and fusion are two different nuclear reactions. Nuclei of atoms have strong…

Difference Between Fission and Fusion

Fission and fusion are two different nuclear reactions. Nuclei of atoms have strong required energies. This energy can be released in two unlike ways known as fission and fusion reactions. These nuclear reactions release huge amounts of energy. Fusion is said to have taken place when two light nuclei unite together, releasing energy in the course On the other hand fission is a procedure in which unstable nucleus splits into two lighter nuclei. While both nuclear reactions release huge amounts of energy, there are differences between the two types of nuclear reactions that will be highlighted in this article.


This is a nuclear reaction that is used to generate nuclear power in power plants. It involves splitting up of an unstable heavy nucleus such as Uranium. We get two lighter unstable nuclei apart from a huge amount of energy that is used for the production of power.


It is a nuclear reaction that is just the opposite of fission as instead of splitting, here two light nuclei are connected together under extreme heat and pressure. Here, two hydrogen nuclei are collective together to get a single helium nucleus. The reaction releases huge amount of energy. This is the reaction that goes on constantly on the surface of sun which explains an incessant source of power in the form of sun.

Difference between Fission and Fusion

It is apparent that both fission and fusion are nuclear reactions that generate energy, but they are opposite of each other. While fission is splitting of a heavy, unstable nucleus into two lighter nuclei, fusion is the process where two light nuclei combine together releasing vast amounts of energy. It is usually fission that is used in nuclear power reactors as it can be controlled. On the other hand, fusion hypothetically releases much more energy than fission, yet is not utilized to produce power as this reaction is not easy to control and also it is very costly to create the conditions necessary to start a fusion reaction. This is why scientists are trying to take benefit of fusion by working on cold fusion. But it is a procedure only in tentative stages at present.



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