Flea Vs. Bed Bug Bites

Difference Between Flea And Bed Bug Bites Fleas and bed bugs continuously bite us whether we are aware…

Difference Between Flea And Bed Bug Bites

Fleas and bed bugs continuously bite us whether we are aware of it or not. You could find these parasites almost everywhere possible, and you only increase the likelihood of exposure of getting bitten by migrating to other unknown areas. Distinguishing both of them by just evaluating the appearance of each, which is more or less identical, is rather difficult.

Fleas are the minute blood suckers. Their hosts are animals like rats, squirrels, mice, rabbits, dogs and cats on which they thrive. Their jaws are their specially designed weapons which enables them to penetrate in the layers of the skin so that they can suck out blood. Domesticated animals are more prone to fleas as compared to Humans. However, flea infestations could be allergic to some age groups, like children.

Bed bugs are completely nocturnal in their activity. They start to bite at the dark, during the night and have bites that closely resembles closely to a typical mosquito. Allergies are also confused with bed bug bites many times, but it should be taken care of as bed bug bites pursue a strange cluster pattern.

The specific characteristics of the bite of the parasite could vary from the reaction from one person to another which are very exclusive identities, hence different in a lot of ways and not standardized for everyone. Firstly, the bump produced is rather tiny and surrounded by a halo when you are bitten by a flea. To a complete contrast, bed bugs form a reddish, little mounted and hardened bump just like the mosquito bites.

The fleabites appear irregularly and erratically unlike the strange bite pattern of the bed bugs. The bed bugs usually form a linear or instant bite arrangement. How much ever the bite fashion is random, the destination is the leg areas or the ankle. Upper body areas are far from being attacked. The upper parts are primarily attacked by the bed bugs or it could be even any part of the body as well. Both the bites are inconvenient with the additional itching formality, but, skin swelling, allergies and other secondary infections also develop from flea bites which eventually creates some victims.



1. A flea bite has a bump formed in it and it is small and has a halo encompassing it. a bed bug bite creates a bump which  is flushed, tough , and just slightly built up (similar to a mosquito bite).

2.The of the  bed bugs bite in a  linear and straight pattern while fleas bite in an irregular and randomly.

3. Bed bugs can bite anywhere on one’s body irrespective of the location of whereas the fleas prefer bite location as the ankle and legs, that is the lower part of the human body

4. Itching is caused by Both the flea and bed bug bites ,but , swelling, allergies and other diseases  is caused by the former.


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