Fossil Vs. Artifact

Difference Between Fossil And Artifact Have you seen Indiana Jones? Want to be?  Whether it is from the…

Difference Between Fossil And Artifact

Have you seen Indiana Jones? Want to be?  Whether it is from the jungles of Africa, the Mayan civilization in Central America, people always nurture a dream to make one of the great adventures of their life like visiting Indiana Jones.

During the adventurous sojourn of Indiana Jones, you have purchased a variety of fossils and artifacts.  Fossils and artifacts are two words in the archaeological world with a big difference.

From all the props used in Indiana Jones and other movies, that believes you are what? What is a fossil, an artifact?

The remnant structure of any organism (animal or plant) is termed as a fossil. An object, but is an important archaeological objects excavated from underneath the ground level or elsewhere. A lot of cultural value is linked to artifacts. Fossils on the other hand have significance in terms of the scientific and historical scale

Fossils cross the age of humanities existence, and are older objects. Some of the fossils date back to 10,000 years ago. Fossils vary in size, for example, from a giant dinosaur and the smallest bacteria. Fossils mostly come in the form of hard structural remains on an organism. These may even consist of the animal’s teeth or the exoskeleton or even legs.

Artifacts come from man’s oldest existence. The most esteemed objects are of the Egyptian empire that goes back 2000 years. These items can be burial of royalties or even just ordinary people. It is also found in civilizations that got lost or were abandoned. Artifacts are often sold and can be very expensive when purchased. But the countries where these objects were found hoarding and prohibit the sale of any such items, because of their importance as national treasures reflecting their past culture. Selling these products is like selling the country’s ancient history.


1. A fossil is a term used to define the remains of an organism, while the artifact is a valuable cultural gem.

2. Age of the fossils is probably older than artifacts.

3. Fossils have historical significance paleontologists and researchers, while the object is of historical interest historians and archaeologists.


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