Full Time vs. Part Time Studies

Difference Between Full Time and Part-Time Studies If you’re a college student, you can notice some of your…

Difference Between Full Time and Part-Time Studies

If you’re a college student, you can notice some of your classmates go to class in selected subjects. Most colleges and universities offer full-time and part-times studies. This is depending on how heavy the load of subjects you may handle within a particular semester.

Full-Time Studies

Full-time students are basically those fresh graduates or newly graduated from high school. If you study full-time, you’ll have to follow a normal load of subjects which you would need to pass for you to get a diploma. This number of units makes up a course regarding to what course you want to finish. All of the fresh graduates have a chance on having a scholarship, it just depends if a student wants to avail it and if the parents of a full-time studying student who has problems financially needs to get a scholarship for his or her son or daughter. Scholarships are mostly offered to fresh graduates from high school.

Part-Time Studies

Most students that study part-time are those second coursers or those who graduated already in another course. Why do they only do part-time studies? It’s because they need to balance their work and their studies. Unlike most full-time students, part-time students are the ones who pay for their own tuition fee. Regardless on what work they have, may it be a business or real work; they also can finish this type of study for they have some credited subjects. To make it short, the subjects that they have taken on their first course are being credited meaning they don’t need to retake the subject anymore.


  • Most full-time students have their parents shoulder their school fees compared to part-time students which they pay for their own.
  • Scholarships are most likely offered to newly graduated students from high school.
  • Not all courses offer part-time studies.
  • Part-time students can only enroll in the number of subjects that suit them.


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