GDDR5 vs. DDR2

Difference Between GDDR5 and DDR2 DDR stands for Double Data Rate. It belongs to the recent DDR SDRAM…

Difference Between GDDR5 and DDR2

DDR stands for Double Data Rate. It belongs to the recent DDR SDRAM or Data Rate Synchronous Dynamic Random Access Memory which is the family of RAMs. DDR2 is the second member of this family. DDRS followed the DDR2. GDDR5 is the fifth version. SGRAM belongs to the DRAM graphic card memory. GDDR5 is based on DDR3 RAM. The version 4 is based on DDR2 RAM.


It is the second version of Double Data Rate Synchronous Dynamic RAM. It is the second member of the RAM family. DDR2 is not compatible with the previous version DDR as well as with the next version DDT3. For all the three versions, different types of mother boards are required. DDR2 RAM has the facility of four data transfer per clock cycle. The data transfer rate of 3200mbps can be achieved with DDR2. The base clock speed is 100 MHz.


It stands for Graphic Double Data Rate. It is the 5th version. It belongs to the category of DRAM graphics card memory and is based on JEDEC. It is specially designed for the computer applications requiring a high bandwidth. It is based onGDDR3 SBRAM though it is followed by GDDR4. Its speed of data transfer is 2 data words of 32 bit width per clock. GDDRS can operate with two types of clocks- CK and WCK. CK is concerned with address and command while WCK is concerned with data read and write. Hynix semiconductor introduced 1Gib GDDR for the first time. Hynix GDDR5 can support a bandwidth of 20 GB/s on 32 bit bus. AMD was the first company to ship the products based on GDDR5.

Difference between GDDR5 and DDR2

The first difference between the two is that DDR2 is SDRAM while GDDR5 is a SGRAM.  So we cannot compare these two these of RAMs accurately. GDDR5 is based on DDR3 SDRAM. As far as the bandwidth and speed are concerned, GDDR% is advanced of DDR2.


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