Good vs. Bad Weed

Difference Between Good and Bad Weed Does a good weed really exist? And if it does, then how…

Difference Between Good and Bad Weed

Does a good weed really exist? And if it does, then how should we be able to tell the difference between a bad weed and a good weed? Of course, the weed is more famous for its negative aspects, rather than many of its medicinal benefits. Several studies made by the scientists show that marijuana has many health benefits, if used properly and only for the intended health problems.

Physical identification

Good weed has many physical qualities that you can easily identify. The plant has hairs that are orange, more close to reddish and a bit sticky. The buds are of any other color except green and are covered with small white crystals. It has a strong scent and can usually be identified from more than a foot away when the bag is opened. Because the plant is very dense and the buds are intact, the weed must be torn from between the stem.

As for the bad weed, you can easily identify these physical qualities: it is extremely dry and shaky. The weed need not be divided as it is very loose. The seeds are effortlessly flammable when exposed to flame. Also, with regards to its effects, you will get high only for a short span of 10-20 minutes and will also have paranoia accompanied by severe head ache.

Chemical qualities in the body

In medical circles, it is widely believed that the use of marijuana does not cause ms long-term cardiovascular problems for people who are normal. Marijuana smoking tends to alter heart as well as blood circulation. This is typical in case of hypertension, which may worsen any heart problems that already existed. Health problems such as hypertension and coronary disease can especially get worse.

The use of marijuana was found to act as an introductory drug to other harder, more addictive drugs. In fact, studies show that strict rules against the use of marijuana are the biggest single factor that drives addicts to harder drugs like heroin and cocaine. The studies did show that when Netherlands partially legalized Marijuana use in the 1970, cocaine and heroin became significantly less popular, despite an evident increase in the use of marijuana.


Good weed consists of a very strong odor and sticky hairs too, while the bad weed is dry that are loose and easy to break.

Good weed is dense and seeds cannot be easily removed, while the bad weed is shaky and the seeds are easily combustible.

The bad weed tends to cause paranoia and migraines, while the good weed does not.



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