Google Car vs. Ordinary Car

Difference Between Google Car and Ordinary Car In early October of 2010, Google announced that it has robotic…

Difference Between Google Car and Ordinary Car

In early October of 2010, Google announced that it has robotic cars that have been driving themselves for road testing in California. It created an interest in the whole world about ‘Google Car. ”

What is this Google car and what is the difference between the normal car and Google car?

Everyone is aware of a normal car. Google’s car is a car of artificial intelligence, which has no human driver and drives alone. This car is part of the new research initiative from Google and Google has now put on the road testing.

Theoretically speaking, cars with automated scanners and detectors may have a better view of the surrounding humans as it can see the road from a 360 ° view and react faster than humans.

In the car you just give Google your destination. With the digital map in the GPS navigation system it will analyze the speed limits and traffic model and plots the route it should take. So with the help of cameras, scanning lasers and an array of detectors it will take you to the destination.

The Google car has a device on the roof of the car that produces a map of the environment. The device has a rotating sensor that scans more than 200 feet in all directions to produce an accurate three-dimensional map of the surrounding cars.

A video camera mounted adjacent to the rear view mirror captures traffic lights and helps the car’s on board computers recognize moving obstacles like bicycles and pedestrians.

Of the four standard automotive radar sensors, three of them are in front of the car and one in the back. This helps to determine the position of distant objects.

The sensor mounted on the left rear wheel measures even small movements made by the car and helps to find its exact location on the map.

The on board computer receives all these information and navigates the car to its destination.

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