Google Plus (+) vs. Facebook

Difference between Google + Plus  and Facebook In the internet world google is undoubtedly the sole most giant…

Difference between Google + Plus  and Facebook
In the internet world google is undoubtedly the sole most giant from its birth. But in the field of social services, Google has failed to grab the social networking market. Facebook is undoubtedly the forerunner in the field of social networking with more than 750 million active users. It is the king of social networking with almost no competitors. Now google has launched Google+ to compete with Facebook and the race for best social networking has begun. It is the most dexterous reactionary move by Google.


  • Interface: The interface appearance of google+ is similar to facebook. Its functions are also quite similar to facebook. Some of the fans of facebook says that, google+ just copies facebook. Google+ has lots of features which are totally inspired by facebook.
  • +1 and like: The like button of facebook and the +1 button of google plus are similar. Google has announced to use the data that are from +1 in various ways. Uploading the picture is similar.
  • Spark and RSS feed: Spark of google+ and RSS feed of facebook are same. Spark as well as RSS feed gather great content from the web and deliver.
  • Video upload: Video upload is similar. But as google owns youtube, the great video sharing site google+ has advantage to share youtube videos.




  • Circles: You are allowed to group your friends in google+, but facebook does not support this feature. This feature is called circle in google+. You can share your status to a specific group or to all of your friends. This feature offer much more privacy than facebook.
  • Hangouts: Google+ supports video chat. You can hangout with your friends by face to face video chat. It also supports multiple user video chat at the same time. There was no such feature in facebook but recently there is deal between facebook and skype which allows the facebook user one to one video chat. So, hangout is much more convenient.
  • Huddle in google+ vs Group Message in facebook: The feature hurdle allows sending group message to a circle. It allows including the friends of a circle in a group chat. In facebook, you have to create a group to send a group message. There are many annoying things in a facebook group. You have to select the group admin and so on. But the group chat is same for both. In both google+ and facebook, you are allowed to see live chat between friends.
  • Instant Upload of google+ vs Picture Upload of facebook: The instant upload feature of google+ is questionable. The pictures are not viewed instantly though the name is instant upload. It is similar to facebook upload. But the graphical interface during upload time is much more aesthetic than facebook’s picture upload. But of course the issue is privacy. You can share it in google+ through circle.



There may be a question, should google plus win the race in the field of social networking defeating facebook? The answer may be yes or may be no. We have to remind that; Facebook is already an established social networking site and google is new. But we all know that, google is the one and only company which can defeat facebook and grab the market. Google+ assures better privacy and it combines all the useful features of facebook and twitter. But it does not have own branding as a social network. Time will say who will win the race.

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