Google TV vs. Apple TV

Difference between Google TV and Apple TV Google and Apple TVs are simple television add on devices that…

Difference between Google TV and Apple TV

Google and Apple TVs are simple television add on devices that can add exciting new features to your plain TV. Apple TV’s somewhat limited, but rather useful functions include providing streaming features on your TV. The Google TV, likewise, utilizes its revolutionary Android operating system in transforming your TV into a computing device.

Apple TV is designed to unite all those confusing gadgets that are connected to your television, such as cable, DVR and even the gaming console into one interface unit. In addition to this, it also provides extra streaming features. Technically speaking, the Apple TV turns your regular television into an internet enabled output device, but does not really qualify as a full pledged internet device. The Apple TV comes as a simple plug and play gadget.

Google TV on the other hand, was developed to convert your regular TV into a computer by utilizing the Android operating system. Unlike its Apple counterpart, it not just a plain set top box to be plugged in, but an actual platform run by an Intel Atom processor. Because of this, you may do a lot of things like browsing and accessing application stores to download games, music, and videos. It’s a handy fusion of computer, internet, games, and of course television.

Google also anticipates future demand by cooperating with television manufactures in incorporating the platform into their products so that TV set owners in the future would no longer need to buy the Google box separately.

Their streaming features that allow access to new content is the only similarity you will find between Apple and Google TV. Their other features and concepts differ tremendously, and below, we will enumerate what each of them has to offer.

Apple TV

  • + Single microUSB port
  • + Access to YouTube videos
  • + Share pictures online
  • +Wi-Fi
  • + Supports HDMI
  • – Does not support Hula and Netfix

Google TV

  • + Access to the web for free
  • + Google Chrome and Adobe Flash Player (version 10.1) already built in
  • + Google maps
  • + Access to applications by third party and vast options Droid apps
  • + Simultaneous functioning (you can browse the net or run an application while      watching TV)
  • + iPhone or Android phones may be used as remote control
  • + Voice control
  • + Supports HDMI
  • + Wi-Fi
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