Goth vs. Emo

Difference between goth and emo The term ‘Emo’ (Emotional Hardcore), in reality, means a movement of punk rock…

Difference between goth and emo

The term ‘Emo’ (Emotional Hardcore), in reality, means a movement of punk rock which came into existence in Washington during the mid 90s. Goth (Gothic Rock), likewise, is a music genre that resembles rock and, contrary to popular beliefs that it came into being just recently, actually originated during the 1980s.

Both are described as experimental underground music, which is more inclined to punk rock. Also, although both sprung from punk music, only Emo remained true to its beginning while Goth swerved from its expected path of development and favored electonica more.

The terms Emo and Goth have also come to refer to followers or performers of their respective preference in music. Goths appear to be interested in music performed by Dead Can Dance, the Cure, Sisters of Mercy, and Christian Death while Emos prefer music from the punk bands Scary Kids Scaring Kids, Fall Out Boys, Dashboard Confessional and My Chemical Romance.

An interesting phenomenon which true to both Emos and Goths is their outright preference to everything that’s black. Goths can often be seen wearing black lipstick, eyeliner and even nail polish. Emos, likewise, are famous for their frequent use of black leather chokers, lace, frills, floppy jewelry and corsets. They also tend to wear band t-shirts, tight jeans, scarves, hoodies, and fitting coats.

Many believe that Emos love poetry. It’s a common belief that they are adept and very poetic (if somewhat creepy as some claim) in expressing their punk philosophy. The Goths, however, do not possess this passion, and instead, are more inclined into black magic, witchcraft and vampires. They focus their attention and energies on the nature of death and various forms of fiction and fantasy.

Of the two parties, the Goths are generally considered the punk trend setters whereas the Emos are believed to mimic Goth clothing and resort to merely replacing the black color of these cloth with red. Recently, short spiked red hair, red lipstick and make-up have become one of the distinctive characteristics of Emos.

Important Points:

  • Goth is a brand of rock music often characterized by lugubrious lyrics and somber tones.
  • Emo is a sort of traditional rock that contains emotional and personal lyrics.
  • Both Emo and Goth may refer to performers of the respective genre of music they represent.


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