Graphite Vs. Diamonds

Difference Between Graphite And Diamonds Our earth abounds in minerals. Diamond and graphite are the most interesting minerals…

Difference Between Graphite And Diamonds

Our earth abounds in minerals. Diamond and graphite are the most interesting minerals ever known. When considering the chemical properties of these two minerals they are both composed of carbon. They share a common Chemistry. Not only that, both these minerals is used in mining process and can be reproduced artificially. Their high melting point makes them very difficult to burn. Although both of these minerals are chemically made of the same composition, they differ in physical form and other factors. These types of minerals are named as polymorphs. This means that their chemical composition is the same, but in other aspects they differ.

A cursory glance  into these two stones will clearly point out the difference despite their same chemical components. One of the most common procedures used to identify their distinguishing mark is Mohs hardness scale. Mohs hardness scale used to measure the hardness of these minerals. Hardness scale ranges from 1 to 10, is one of the softest and 10 the hardest. It needs an elaborate study.

Graphite is made of metal and opaque. Graphite is used widely in industries as charcoal pencil. In Mohs scale, the graphite only has 1-2 level on the scale of Mohs hardness. It implies graphite falls on the lists of weak metal category. Graphite conducts electricity because it is bound together with three other carbons thus enabling it to carry charges. Atoms in graphite are not intact.

Diamonds, however, are used as a valuable asset for mankind. This mineral is clear and radiant. On the Mohs scale, diamond has a hardness of 10 which makes undeniably the hardest minerals in the world. The atoms in diamond are strongly linked, and this is exactly why it is the hardest ever known stone.

As both diamond and graphite is not easily identified because it is more the chemical side. The difference you will notice between the two is not a simple difference, but they are obvious, major differences. Graphite is just a pencil like object with a very dull appearance, but the more dazzling object that can even have a value of 1 million dollars is the diamond.


1. Graphite is metallic and opaque, but diamonds are clear and brilliant.

2. One of the hardest minerals is a diamond; it rates 10 on the hardness scale of Mohs, while the graphite stands 1-2 on the Mohs scale.

3. Basically Graphite is put to use as a carbon pencil and diamond on the other hand are a very valuable resource.


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