Growth vs. Development

Difference between growth and development The words, Growth and Development are two simple words in the English language…

Difference between growth and development

The words, Growth and Development are two simple words in the English language which can be utilized with a few variations, even though they may possess an identical implication. However, there is a distinctive differentiation based on which, these words can be used. Incidentally, Growth is termed to be a procedure which could be understood as being more significant, much longer and larger in size and multitudinous and can be considered to be a physical transformation. In contrast, Development on the other hand is a progression in which there is a positive conversion which may be psychological, social or even physical akin to the process of Growth.

There are different connotations of both these terms. When discussing about Growth, it would essentially mean to be a substantial enhancement in the size of a living creature or an article. One of the finest usages of the term, Growth is when you specify the size of a lump having grown to a larger size. On the other hand, one of the most appropriate uses of the term Development is when one speaks as thus, “He has developed into a very fine officer.” Therefore, the term Development may be interpreted to mean an added enhancement on the plane of implementation.

Growth can also imply for that matter an enhancement in the crop or fruit yield pertaining to harvesting when one can say, “The farmer was amazed with the tremendous growth of grapes.” In other words, Growth depicts the process of growing and therefore indicates an enhancement of value, especially when you mention about the growth in terms of number of hospitals in a city or a substantial growth of economy in the whole country, to quote as an example.

Development may also connote a type of improvement in the precarious condition of a patient’s health when you say; “He developed a better pulse rate now” is a typical example of development. The term `Development’ is meant to communicate the good judgement of development or the procedure of being developed. Actually, this term is frequently meant to convey the concept of a `stage of growth.’ In a nutshell it could be indicated that the term “Growth” is a subset of the word “Development.” The use of the word development would be when one says `The lump development into a tumour due to an increase in its growth”. In this instance, the phrase `an increase in its growth’ connotes ‘an enhancement in the size of the lump’. Therefore, it can be indicated that the word ‘growth’ is a subset of the word ‘development’.

Development could also be interpreted to communicate a procedure of slow and steady transformation. The word ‘development’ could be used to portray a process of developing such as you could take the example of the ‘process of development of a photograph’. Some of the illustrations of this type of usage could be ‘a developed piece of agricultural land’ or ‘a developed area of land’ so on and so forth. The concept of fertility is considered to be in the former sentence, whereas the suggestion of improvement is exhibited in the latter phrase.

When you say, ‘the boy has grown into a handsome youth’, it suggests the development of the physical features of his body in this sentence and when mention is made about a ‘developed area’ it means to convey where fresh and new industries are persuaded to offer employment to people in the immediate neighbourhood area in order to provide an impetus to the economy of the region and is thus said that “This country abounds in diverse development areas’ which is the corresponding usage of the word, development. Therefore, the two terms GROWTH and DEVELOPMENT are totally different from each other both in their connotation and the usage.

When you use the sentence, ‘The investment reached full growth, the term ‘Full Growth’ is used to communicate the logic of maturity. Almost any industry could be described as ‘growth industry’ in case it is developing at a rapid pace. An apt usage of full growth is in the phrase, ‘Steel industry is presently the growth industry. The particular use of the word ‘growth stock’ is where one has a tendency to enhance its capital value. Therefore this kind of specific usage is more often found particularly in the stock market area.

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