Hammer Drill vs. Drill

Difference Between Hammer Drill and Drill Drill is a tool used in making a hole in the wood…

Difference Between Hammer Drill and Drill

Drill is a tool used in making a hole in the wood or wall so as to place a screw or a nail. It is a tool attached to a rotating device which rotates at enough speed. Drill is mostly used by carpenters and electricians. They use the drill to make holes in wood and walls. It is multipurpose tool and can be used anyone for different purposes. They are two types of drills, ordinary drill and hammer drill. People cannot decide the difference between the two. They are used for different requirements.

Drill may be manual or electrical. A drill rotates the drill bit anti clockwise or clockwise. The motion of a drill bit penetrates the in a wooden surface or a wall surface making a hole in it. A drill works better on a porous or semi porous surface. The pressure on a moving drill causes the bit penetrating and going deep inside the surface. The amount of pressure depends upon the nature of substance you are making the hole in. A hammer drill like normal drill rotates the bit but simultaneously it taps it so that the work is done easily. There is a hammering action in the drill. The drill rotates and the hammering takes place on the drill. Hammering is required when a hole is made in a very hard substance such as a stone. The bit is also different. A hammer drill usually makes use of bit made of carbide or some other hard metal. The bit of an ordinary drill spins. While in case of hammer drill the bit of the drill not only spins but moves back and forth. The thrust of hammer pulverizes the brittle material making drill easier. One may ask which one is a better tool to make hole. Both are efficient. The selection of the type of drill depends on the surface you are drilling. Hammer drill is used mainly for drilling in a brittle surface like floored tile.


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