Hillbilly vs Redneck

Difference Between Hillbilly and Redneck The terms“Hillbilly” and “Redneck” are words that describe people in a derogatory manner.…

Difference Between Hillbilly and Redneck

The terms“Hillbilly” and “Redneck” are words that describe people in a derogatory manner. The public almost always use the two terms synonymously since they are perceived to mean the same thing, but what most people do not realize is that these terms have different lifestyles and nature.

“Hillbilly” refers to a person living within American territory but fails in acquiring complete civility. They prefer to live in mountainous areas or in far- flung places and villages where they avoid contact with people from cities, thus the term “hillbilly”. People from the countryside are often uneducated, with this group of individuals living an entirely different culture than city people. It is an old name used several years back, and to be called such a name is indecent, indicating that one has a lack of civility, education, and manners. In addition, these people are not black; however, the public’s treatment of them is equivalent to an abuse for the Caucasians thriving in the soils of the United States. Insults aside, “Hillbillies” are actually simple folks just minding their own business, living their lives as plainly and as uncomplicated as they could. A vast majority of them may be uneducated and poor, but they appear to enjoy living without the unrelenting demands of city life.

While Hillbillies live peaceful and uncomplicated lives, the same thing cannot be said of the “Rednecks”. The term “redneck” is another word used to describe a person in an unpleasant manner. The word is more unsavoury than being called a hillbilly because the aside from the connotation that one is uncivilized, it adds also indicates one to be a stereotypical, backward and drunken farmer in the countryside. “Redneck” was derived from how farmers turned down their neck causing these people to have darker complexions because of constant exposure to sunlight. Again, similar to hillbillies and the negative connotations, rednecks are just plain and simple people doing their best to earn a living from what they do best, which is farming.

Though “Hillbillies” and “Rednecks” both have unsavoury reputations, their differences once again lies in:

  1. Their Location. Hillbillies prefer mountainous areas whereas Rednecks prefer the flat countryside where they can farm.
  2. Hillbillies have more affluent and peaceful lifestyles than Rednecks. Hillbillies have uncomplicated lifestyles and they rarely drink; on the other hand, Rednecks are generally more active and are seen in a more negative light.


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