Hippie vs Hipster

Difference between Hippie and Hipster History has seen plenty of fashion trends and musical subcultures come and go,…

Difference between Hippie and Hipster

History has seen plenty of fashion trends and musical subcultures come and go, and one of the most memorable subcultures which had made a lasting impression in society is the youth movement of freedom and liberation in the 1960s. The terms Hippie and Hipster were used loosely and synonymously, nonetheless, there were actually differences between the two that most people were not aware of.

“Hippies” were a part of the subculture that appeared in the 1960s in America, not only was it a subculture, it was also a youth movement that believes in liberation and freedom of movement. They believe in independence from material wealth and would not worry over having no money on which to finance their travels, they carry clothes sparingly and made a social group entirely made of people who thought like them.

Hippies also practiced sexual revolution and consumed drugs like LSD and Marijuana as they listened to music which is usually of the psychedelic rock genre. Hippies cling to the idea of liberation form society’s rules and regulations in search for the meaning of life. They would often travel and instead of checking into a hotel, they would prefer to stay overnight in other Hippie households. This lifestyle reached its popularity at around the 1970s.

“Hipsters”, on the other hand would rather listen to Indie Rock Music, contrary to the Hippies preferred psychedelic rock. The name was derived from the term “Hippies”, but since they do not hard core followers of Hippie beliefs, they are classified in an altogether different category of subculture. A vast majority of them even favoured reading magazines such as Clash and Vice. They may wear the same style of clothing as that of the Hippies and may even live the same lifestyle as that of a Hippie, but they do not live by the label and thus avoid being labelled as such. One can say that Hipsters conform to Hippie ideology without totally conforming to it.


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