Honda Civic vs Mitsubishi Lancer

Difference Between Honda Civic and Mitsubishi Lancer Cars well loved by many but of different car manufacturers. Both…

Difference Between Honda Civic and Mitsubishi Lancer

Cars well loved by many but of different car manufacturers. Both belong to compact and subcompact class of cars first manufactured during the 1970’s. Because of its distinct features, would be buyers are still torn between these two.

Honda manufactured the Civic, a respected auto company from all parts of the world and that it is of Japanese origin.  In comparison with all the compacts, the Civic has an upper and lower A-arm. This feature is usually evident only among larger cars but not with the compact ones. The car had had the prestige of becoming the “The Car of the Year” not only once but twice in Japan and also enjoyed rave reviews and a couple of awards in other countries as well.

The Honda Civic recently underwent a total makeover to make it more appealing.  Its classy and cool looks will definitely spark up the interest of the masses towards it all over again. Engine sizes of the Honda varies from 1.3 L being the smallest engine to 2.0 L the largest engine with a power of 114kW and is usually used in sports Sedan. Majority of the engine size manufactured comes in the 1.8 L engine size with a 103kW petrol engine. But despite of its promising new look, user reviews have ranted about some areas of the car that needed improvement like the headroom at the rear seat.

The Lancer mobile is fabricated and designed by Mitsubishi motors. Its debut in the market failed to capture the hearts of the consumers.  In fact, the first batch of fabricated Lancers was sold at a discounted price to lure buyers into purchasing them.  As the following generations of Lancer are deployed into the market, improvements are pretty obvious as newer models with 2.4 L engines have a higher end features.  A feature like the keyless ignition is now being used to the present generation of Lancers. Practically speaking, purchasing a Lancer is more decent and cheap. Engine efficiency ranges from its effective burning of fuel as it is able to have a mileage of 100 km/ 7.7 L for the engine 2.0 and 100 km / 8.9 L for the 2.4 L engine. That is roughly 12.9 k/L and 11.2 k/L respectively.

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