Honda Civic vs. Toyota Corolla

Difference between Honda Civic and Toyota Corolla Though the Honda civic and the Toyota corolla have most of…

Difference between Honda Civic and Toyota Corolla

Though the Honda civic and the Toyota corolla have most of their feature alike, these two have many differences that you should know to help make your buying decision. The Honda Civic is made by one of the largest US car maker while the Toyota Corolla belong to the largest Japanese car manufacturers and seller.

Honda Civic features

The first Honda was a 1972 two-door coupe. The three door hatchback was introduced later in the year and is today the second longest existing brand of car in North American roads. Among the recent improvements from the old school model is the honeycomb grill at the car’s front and also the wheels. It is now a five seater looks classy with a 376 liters boot capacity. Among the value added interiors is the improved air-conditioning, cruise control and central locking. It also has cup holders, an audio volume control system that is speed sensitive as well as heat absorbing windows but the car could do better with an improved rear seat head room.

Toyota Corolla

This is the longest surviving nameplate on the roads of North America since its introduction in 1968. The name corolla just like the other Toyota models is derived from the name of a crown that has been the tradition of Toyota for decades of naming their cars after “Crown”.  This specific name, corolla is a Latin name meaning a small crown. The company gave the car a facelift to see it through the 2st century in 2000 by giving it a more classy design and backing that up with modern technology but maintained the same old basic design that gives Toyota’s cars more interior space and a high roof.

The Corolla model has both 1.8L, 100kW petrol engine and the 2.0L Sedan engine but has no diesel engines and is one of the most reliable cars.

Distinction between Honda Civic and Toyota Corolla

Both the Corolla and the Civics’ are design and performance is a match. However, the trimmed parts of the corolla’s exteriors give the car a flashy look as compared to the side-body moldings on the Civic. However, the new Civic was given a face lift recently while the corolla retained the old look coming into the new century.

Also, though the Corolla is backed by more technology, the civic is fuel efficient and has more power than the corolla.

The corolla also allows more leg room ad safety features than present in the civic and the safety and comfort of the corolla as compared to the power and fuel efficiency of the Civic is what determines most people’s buy based on what features they give higher priority. However, whichever car you choose, you are assured to of the world performance.


In brief:

1. These two cars top the line of compact cars. The corolla is made by a Japanese manufacturer Toyota while the civic is made by Honda.

2. The Corolla tops in comfort and safety while the Civic is more fuel-efficient with a powerful engine to back it up.

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