Hspa vs. Hspa Plus Network Technology

Difference Between Hspa and Hspa Plus Network Technolog HSPA and HSPA+ are the network technologies. They are the…

Difference Between Hspa and Hspa Plus Network Technolog

HSPA and HSPA+ are the network technologies. They are the releases of 3GPP. 3GPP makes standard entity for mobile broadband networks. Both the tecnologies facilitate higher data rates for mobile users. It provides reduced latency supporting a nucmber of applecation. These applications support 3.8 billion broadband users.


HSPA stands for High Speed Packet Access. It refers to HSUPA (3GPP Release 6) and HSDPA (3GPP Release 5). These are packet based technologies. They have much higher data rates compared to 3G and GPRS. The high rate of transfer of dat is required for supporting mobile video streaming application, video conferencing online gaming, etc.The data rate in HSPA may be upto 14.5 Mbps downlink. It is a speed which is 15 times higher than GPRS and 3 times higher than 3G.

The current networks can provide downlink speed of 3.6 Mbps and 500 kbps uplink speed. To upgrade 3G to HSPA, it is necessary to transform existing downlink to HSPDA technology and uplink to HSUPA tecnology. HSPDA stands for high speed donwnlink packet access while HSUPA stands for high speed uplink packet access.


HSPA+ is known as Evolved HSPA. It is the 3GPP release 7 and 8 for mobile broadband networks. The aim of HSPA+ is to increase data rates greater than the existing HSPA networks. It makes use of higher order digital modulation and MIMO techniques. HSPA+ can increase the downlink speed upto 84 Mbps and uplink speed to 22 Mbps. Interestingly, these speed rates are achieved with the help of  the isngle carrier of 5 MHz in WCDMA networks.

HSPA+ is also known as Internet HSPA. It has an optional architecture known as All-IP architecture which connects entire base statitons to all IP based back bone. It is compatible with 3GPP’s 5 and 6 releases. It can easily be upgraded.


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