Hunger vs. Starve

Difference Between Hunger and Starve Hunger and Starve are two words that are often confused as the words…

Difference Between Hunger and Starve

Hunger and Starve are two words that are often confused as the words that convey the same meaning. Really they are two different words which convey two different meanings. The word ‘hunger’ is used to mean ‘an appetite’ which is caused by the process of emptying the stomach. Starve on the other hand is a kind of exercise you use to live without food. This is the main difference between the two words.

The word ‘starve’ is used in an interesting meaning ‘fasting’. Sometimes people who ‘fast’ to lodge their protest against some false action or crime say they would fast to death.

One of the main differences between hunger and starve is that hunger is a natural process that occurs as a physiological function of the body. Starvation on the other hand is an artificial process caused the due to the will and desire of a person.

It is important to note that poverty also follows in starving. In other words we can say that the people affected by poverty in countries around the world are starving due to lack of money to buy food. This is not voluntary or intentional though. In such cases as people are starving to death. It is because of the deplorable condition of poverty. In this case people are unable to satisfy their hunger.

Hunger can be satisfied by proper consumption of sufficient food and drink. On the other hand action ‘starvation’ can be terminated by the consumption of food or water solid. Sometimes ‘starving’ is undertaken as part of a diet plan as to reduce body weight and the bad LDL cholesterol content in the body. Starving leads to consumption of low amounts of calories on a daily basis.





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