ICD vs. Pacemaker

Difference between ICD and Pacemaker Both of these are surgical implants that are done on human beings to…

Difference between ICD and Pacemaker

Both of these are surgical implants that are done on human beings to restore the hearth to its normal heartbeat or rhythm. In the current world the number of people dying form cardiac problems is very high. Some of these problems can be treated with bills but some that are complicated need surgical implants for them to live. This includes the use of ICD and pacemakers implants that is done on the patients.


ICDs which stands for Implantable Cardioverter-defibrillators is a form of minute generator that is implanted in the person suffering from cardiac problem to help in preventing death of the patient that may arise from tachycardia. This device uses a battery to function and usually it monitors the rate of the heartbeat and transmits sends out electrical shocks when a cardiac problem is developed in the hearth creating alarm for immediate correction of the problem. Majority of this device is surgically implanted in patients but due to rise in technology the sophisticated subcutaneous ICDs are in their process of being manufactured.


This device is used medically in regulating the rate of heartbeat by transmitting electrical impulses to the muscles of the hearth through the electrodes that are connected to it. This device is majorly supposed to maintain the rate of heartbeat due failure of the body pacemakers. The past pacemakers that were used were programmed in advance but the current ones are programmed externally giving the chance of optimum pacing of the patient for excellent performance of the pacemaker.

Distinction between ICD and Pacemaker

Even though both these two devices are used to treat the hearth they are used for different functions. While pacemakers are used to maintain the heartbeat to normal rate due to failure of the human pacemakers, ICDs on the other side are used in identifying abnormalities in the rate of heartbeat that may be caused by patient suffering from ventricular fibrillation. It can be identified as an emergency device that is used to detect any problem in heart rate. Pacemaker can be seen as a life giving device whereas ICDs can be seen as monitor to your heart rate. With the current demand for a device that combines both these two devices, scientists are in the forefront to come with them in the right time. If the technology goes through then the cardiac problems will be easily treated at the right time. Though it is good to prevent these problems through the use of proper diet and regular exercise to your body, this can help you overcome these problems by greater margin.


  • Both the pacemaker and the ICDs are used to maintain and monitor cardiac problems in patients respectively.
  • Pacemakers can be attributed to be a solution to that corrects the problem of heart rate whereas ICDs can is used to oversee the development of cardiac problems that may lead to death.


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