Ice Cream vs. Frozen Yogurt

Difference between Ice Cream and Frozen Yogurt These two desserts are among the best enjoyed in the world…

Difference between Ice Cream and Frozen Yogurt

These two desserts are among the best enjoyed in the world for a long time.  They are very much common in the whole world. They are among the great commercially known desserts that are liked by the majority of people in the whole world. They are both milk products, but have different characteristics that differentiate them.


This product has been in existence since the 6th century B.C. All the way since its inception to the world, Ice cream has undergone numerous evolutions. It is manufactured from milk products and sugar. This product has increased its demand from people due to its creamy nature that it possesses. The active component of this product is milk fat, this makes it’s to be among the foods that are known to have high calorie content.

Frozen yogurt

It was introduced to the market in the year 1980; this is the year that it made it to the commercial world. Although this product used to exist before this year few changes had to be made to the ingredients before introduction to the market. This product is considered to be of low calorie due to the milk fat content of 5%. This makes it the healthier alternative when compared to cream. This product has gained its demand due to the benefits that are associated to the consumption of this product and its taste.

Distinctions between Ice Cream and Frozen Yoghurt

the big difference between these two milk products is  the fact that frozen yoghurt contain live microorganism that are essential for good health. These microorganisms that are in it are called Probiotics and are added to it to aid the process of milk fermentation. During the process of fermentation of milk, lactic acid is produced. This substance is responsible for milk thickening and prevention against unwanted bacteria. It is known that these bacteria helps in digestion of food in the body and also prevent the intestinal from certain diseases. From the health point of view, most of the people like consuming energizing dessert. In the normal phenomenon, the popularity of ice cream is very high due to the flavors that this products has.

Taking of sweets is often associated to many reasons. This may be due to the simple craving or dessert that they have. Taking of something that has a health value is good. Something that has the medical value when taken can’t bring about any regrets in your mind


Ice cream is made from milk products and due to its creaminess and richness it has attracted most dessert consumers. The 20% milk fat content in it has made it the high calorie food

Frozen yoghurt has 5% milk fat and is considered as the best health alternative as compared to ice cream.

The big difference between these two products is that while frozen yoghurt contains probiotics that are essential for good health, ice cream does not contain them.

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