India vs. England

Difference between India and England The world is divided into & large continents, which are further sub –…

Difference between India and England

The world is divided into & large continents, which are further sub – divided into several countries. England and India are two such countries in the continents of Europe and Asia. Irrespective of the fact that India and England have a lot of things to share as far as their history is concerned, the two countries differ a lot as far as their culture, system, society, people and civilization is concerned. The biggest difference in India and England is that India is a Sovereign, democratic republic country, while England is a constitutional Monarch.

As far as the Geography of the country is concerned, India is regarded as the seventh largest country in the world, covering an area of 3,287,263 square kilometres. On the other hand, England has an area of just130, 395 square kilometres. India has so many states and union territories, each having their own particular language with many dialects. In short India is a multi- lingual company, while England has its people speaking only one language i.e English.

As far as the prevalent climatic conditions are concerned, India has its climatic conditions, largely influenced by the Himalayas. There is a variety in the climate that prevails in India. Ranging from the Thar Desert, to the snow clad hill stations, to the fertile planes, to the dry plateau, to the sea sides to the highest rainfall receiving region- India has it all. On the other hand, the climate in England is of temperate maritime type, with only the summers and the winters. India sees the presence of 4 types of climate namely summer, autumn, winter and spring.

India is much more densely populated than England. The legislature of India is called Sansad whereas the legislature of England is called the Parliament of the United Kingdom. India is the proud to have the world’s third largest forces of the military, namely. The Air Force, The Army and The Navy. But England’s military power is much stronger than that of India.

Another important difference between India and England is that England has never been under any foreign rule ever, while India was under the British rule for more than 200 hundred years, till 1947. As far as the national language literature is concerned, both the countries are equally rich and competent and wealthy. England has given birth to one of the finest writer and poets such as Keats, Milton, Dickens, Wordsworth, while India has seen the fine works of writers like Kalidasa, Premchand, Kabir etc.

England has Rugby, Soccer and Cricket as the famous sports, while India seems to be more inclined towards Hockey and Cricket, with Hockey as its National sport.

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