Intel Mobile Core I7 vs. Core I7 Extreme Processors

Difference Between Intel Mobile Core I7 and Core I7 Extreme Processors Core i7 and core i7 Extreme CPUs…

Difference Between Intel Mobile Core I7 and Core I7 Extreme Processors

Core i7 and core i7 Extreme CPUs are Intel core processors based on Sandy Bridge architecture. Here we are going to analyze the difference between the Intel Core i7-2820QM and Intel Core Extreme i7-2920XM. Intel Core i7-2820QM and Intel Core Extreme i7-2920XM have almost same performance and functionality except the clock speed, bus to core ratio, Max TDP and supported sockets. Performance and speed benchmark of the CPUs are discussed in detail below. In conclusion the Intel core i7 Extreme (i7-2920XM) is better than the Intel Core i7-2820QM.

Hyper-threading Technology

What is Hyper-Technology?

Hyper-treading Technology uses CPU resources effectively by directing multiple threads on each core. Thus it increases the flow, improving the overall performance of the threaded software.

Hyper-threading technology is used by Intel core to simulate more cores than the existing real cores. For example, the i7CPU has 4 cores but it simulates as eight cores.

Max Turbo Boost Frequency

What is Max Turbo Boost Technology and Max Turbo Boost Frequency?
Max Turbo Boost Frequency is the maximum clock speed the CPU is able to run the Turbo boost technology. Intel introduced the Turbo Boost Technology to provide more performance when needed. This technology was first presented in the Sandy Bridge microarchitecture. The latest version of Turbo Boost is 2.0, and it automatically allows the CPU cores to run faster than the base frequency when it operates below the power, current and temperature. This Turbo Boost is activated when the Operating System (Ex Windows) asks for the high state of CPU performance.

Core i7-2820QM supports up to 3.4 GHz turbo boost frequency and Core i7 Extreme (i7-2920XM) supports up to 3.5 GHz.

Clock Speed

What is the CPU clock speed?

The CPU clock speed is the rate at which a CPU can perform a processing cycle. It is usually measured in MHz or GHz. One MHz (Mega Hertz) equals to one million cycles per second and a GHz is one billion cycles per second. And 2 GHz CPU has a clock speed two times faster than 1 GHz CPU. Yet it does not mean that 2 GHz CPU is always faster than 1 GHz CPU because different CPUs use different architectures.

But the Core i7 and Core i7 Extreme both are based on Sandy Bridge architecture so we can compare the speed with the clock speed too.

Scoop i7-2820QM comes with 2.3 GHz and the Heart i7 Extreme (i7-2920XM) comes with 2.5 GHz. Thus we can conclude qu’i7 2920XM-Base is faster qu’i7 2820QM-Base.

Bus to Core Ratio

What is Bus to Core Ratio in Computer Architecture?

In the Intel Architecture, the Front bus runs in a set speed while the CPU runs in a different speed. If they are closer then the CPU must wait fewer cycles in the execution. In theory the closer the bus speed to the chip the faster the system works.

Intel Core i7-2820QM has Bus/Core ratio of 23 and Intel Core i7 Extreme (i7-2920XM) as 25.

Maximum TDP (Thermal Design Power)

What is a Max TDP of a CPU?

Maximum TDP is the average ​​of maximum TDP values of the CPU. TDP means the Thermal Design Power which is the power of the cooling system in the CPU that can dissipate heat without reaching the maximum junction temperature. For example TDP of 55 watts means that the CPU can dissipate up to 55 watts of heat without exceeding the highest temperature set point.

Max TDP of Core i7-2820QM is 45 Watts and Core i7 Extreme (i7-2920XM) is 55 Watts.
Difference between Intel Mobile Core i7-2820QM and Core i7 Extreme(i7-2920XM)
(1) Processor speed is higher in Core i7 Extreme than Core i7.

(2) Both Core i7 and Core i7 Extreme has 8 MB cache and supported to 8 GB main memory.

(3) Intel Core i7 and Core i7 Extreme Processors comes with either of these Intel QM57, QS57 and PM55 Express Chipsets.

(4) Socket Support differs from Core i7 to Core i7 Extreme. (FCBGA1224, FCPGA988 and FCPGA988 respectively)

(5) Turbo Boost Frequency is higher in Core i7 Extreme than Core i7. (3.5 and 3.4 respectively)





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