iPad vs. iPad 2

Difference Between iPad and iPad 2 The gadget market is currently dominated by PC tablets, the most popular…

Difference Between iPad and iPad 2

The gadget market is currently dominated by PC tablets, the most popular of which are Apple’s IPad and IPad2. For the gadget aficionados out there, it would help a great deal if they are equipped with the knowledge regarding these two innovative PC tablets which, though both of the same company, are different. When Apple launched the original iPad, several other companies followed suit. What blew the competition away was the launch of the iPad 2, at less than 2 weeks from the unveiling of its predecessor!

To assist interested buyers, here is a breakdown of their specs:

  1. Apple’s iPad shares almost the same set of features as IPad2; however, the features are comparatively better in the IPad2. The IPad2 is faster, lighter,and better than its iPad predecessor.
  2. It sports a new chipset in the form of Apple A5, it has 1GHz dual core application processor and a comparatively more efficient GPU
  3. iPad 2 also comes with a new operating system called iOS 4.3
  4. IPad2 boasts of two cameras, 5MP at the back and another at the front to use with FaceTime for video chat
  5. A RAM size of 512 MB which is double that of IPad’s 256 MB.
  6. iPad only has two variations, IPad has 3.
  7. iPad 2 is 33% thinner and 15% lighter than the iPad but the display screen is of the same size.
  8. iPad offers better multitasking ability than iPad and has better specs.
  9. With iPad2, one can connect the gadget to a TV through the Apply Digital AV adapter.
  10. Photobooth improved iMovie and better airplay.
  11. iPad2 has more fun and exciting apps and accessories as well as hardware than the original Apple iPad.
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