Islam vs. Bahai

Difference Between Islam and Bahai Islam and Bahai are just among the many religions practiced today. They are…

Difference Between Islam and Bahai

Islam and Bahai are just among the many religions practiced today. They are somewhat related in nature, but are uniquely different at the same time. It is therefore ideal to be aware of how Islam is separated from Bahai to find out how each affects the other.


Islam is a monotheistic religion expressed in the Qur’an, ‘the Bible’ of Islam that is believed to be the word of God written in text. The word Islam means “submission to God” and “one who submits” is a Muslim. Muslims believe that there is no God but Allah and that Allah has sent his messenger Muhammad to preach the message of Islam. Muslims are the five pillars of faith that are mandatory to their religion and those are the mandatory ritual prayer that is performed five times a day, reciting the shahada, fasting during the month of Ramadan, offering alms and pilgrimage to Mecca.


The Bahai faith is a more of a new world religion which originated from Shiite Islam. Although it has its roots in Islam, it stood out as unique and independent of its parent religion. The Bahai religion has gained recognition worldwide and its unique dogma has caught the attention of many. The Bahais believe that the latest manifestation of God was Baha’u’lla. The doctrines of the Bahai faith include, among many, that God is ‘unknowable’, but is revealed by the manifestations, the worship of One God and reconciliation of all religions and unity between science and religion.

The difference between Islam and Bahai

The largest division that could be found between Bahai and Islam is about the belief in God and the manifestations of God. The latest manifestation of Allah in Islam was Mohammad Allah while the latest manifestation of God was Baha’u’lla in case of Bahai. Islam knows only one God and that is Allah. Bahai believes that God is ‘unknowable’ and manifests itself in an avatar through the eras. It reconciles all other religions to their faith yet the irregularities occur as not all religions believe in one God, while Islam only believes in one and true Allah.

Islam and Bahai have had their impact on their people. Their people follow and obey their doctrines because they believe in what their religion teaches them. They just believe.


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