Jazz vs. Rock Music

Difference between Jazz and Rock Music The two most famous genres when it comes to music are the…

Difference between Jazz and Rock Music

The two most famous genres when it comes to music are the Jazz and the Rock music. They are equally popular though they have a lot of differences when it comes to style. Though they had similarities before, nowadays both have pronged by itself.

What is Jazz?

Jazz had been in circulation way back in the 20th century by the African-American people. It is a combination of musical influences and customs both from the Africans and the Europeans. This is supported by the use of different characteristics of musical notes like the blue and swung notes, polyrhythms and syncopation and the improvisation of the lyrics as well. Jazz, from where it started, has divided into different other genres like Afro-Cuban, Brazilian and Acid Jazz and many others.

What is Rock?

On the other hand, Rock begun during the 1960s and emerged from the combination of classical, country and jazz music as well as rhythm and blues. The music generally is produced by the use of electric and bass guitars with the combination of drums and keyboards. Through the years, rock music progressed into its family of music that includes punk, metal and alternative rock.

Though rock rooted from jazz, jazz had been quiet. Jazz also uses more collection of instruments while rock focuses more on the variety of sounds produced by the stringed electric instruments with a little of drums. Some may also find jazz to be sophisticated because of its harmony while most people find rock to be wild, frenzied and noisy. Rock may also be considered to be easily performed than jazz though there are very few that may be considered as very competent rock bands.

These two musical genres, the rock and jazz, are both part of our musical culture even in the early days. Each has its own appeal and are both considered to be great music.

In summary,

  1. Jazz has been around in the African-American people since early 20th century and has had varieties of genres.
  2. It was in 1960 when Rock music started and it happened to be a combination of jazz with country and classical music as well.
  3. Jazz is produced from the combination of sounds from wind and stringed instruments accompanied with little percussions while Rock is produced by stringed electrical instruments accompanied by some drum beats.
  4. Jazz is considered to be sophisticated and stylish while Rock is considered to be wild, frenzied and noisy. Jazz is also harder to be performed compared to Rock music.
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