Jet Airways Konnect vs. Jetlite

Difference Between Jet Airways Konnect and Jetlite Both Jet Jet Lite and Konnect  are  brands of Jet Airways.…

Difference Between Jet Airways Konnect and Jetlite

Both Jet Jet Lite and Konnect  are  brands of Jet Airways. However, difference is there between them. Jet Lite is considered a low-cost carrier airway. Fact is that the Jet Lite is a smaller aircraft having lesser services.

Food to passengers is provided at a little extra cost in Jet Lite. On the other hand, in Jet Konnect travel cost includes food cost for all its passengers. Difference the two is there regarding uniform and logo also. It is important to note that Jet Airways had made decision of transfering some of its  aircrafts to Jet Lite service. It was the result of economic recession.

Difference is there between the two regarding their interiors also. People believe that Jet Konnect offers all the services provided by Jet Airways. It offers  high quality in-flight services. But it was not so with Jet Lite. This is due to the fact that Jet Lite is low-cost carriers in which the services are rather limited.

It is also equally important to observe that jet managements of the two differ significantly. The passengers booking their tickets on Jet Konnect have many good services without bearing any extra cost. The services include free snacks voucher also while it is not provided in Jet Lite.

Remarkably, Jet Lite is a low-cost carrier with minimum number of services. Thus it can safely be estimated that Jet Lite offers reduced benefits while Jet Konnect offers more benefits for passengers. Jet Konnect tickets cost more comparing to that of Jet Lite.



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