Kerala vs. Tamilnadu

Difference between Kerala and Tamilnadu The states of Kerala and Tamil Nadu are situated in the Deccan Plateau region…

Difference between Kerala and Tamilnadu

The states of Kerala and Tamil Nadu are situated in the Deccan Plateau region in the southern part of the country. Kerala is located in the South-western part of the country while Tamil Nadu is lies in the Southern most part of the India. Despite the fact that both these states are south based states, yet there is a vast difference between them in several ways. The history, places of interest, culture and customs are diverse in a variety of ways. This also takes into account the various fields of technological advancements of both these states in the areas of science and technology.

One of the major basic variations is in the language of the people resident in the states. While Tamil is the principal language in Tamil Nadu, Malayalam is the predominant language in the state of Kerala. The Tamil language is considered to be one of the most ancient languages in the whole world which gave rise to its literature that is 2000 years old.

Tamil Nadu covers a larger area of 50,216 square miles as compared to Kerala which has a total land area of 15,005 square miles. There is no doubt that both the states could be termed as ancient states in India, Tamil Nadu has been in existence since 500 BC while Kerala has been considered to be the greatest Spice Trade Center ever since 3000 BC.

Kerala is one of the most favorite tourist places amongst both local and foreign tourists from all over the world and is famous for its backwaters and the charming and quaint environs. This beautiful backwaters and natural scenic views have earned it the title of “God’s Own Country”. While in Kerala there are several tourist sites that interest the tourist, yet some of the chief places that attract the tourists are Thekkadi, Kovalam, Thiruvananthapuram, Trissur, Kannur, Sabrimala and Parumala.

Besides being a breathtakingly popular spot, it is also considered to be the center of the ancient form of medical treatment, “Ayurveda.”

Tamil Nadu along with Kerala also has some fantastic beach resorts whereas Tamil Nadu also has some of the most lovely hill stations in the state besides being blessed with vast natural resources as well as rivers. Since Tamil Nadu has become the center of innumerable temples constructed in the Dravidian design, it has also become a well known religious center for pilgrimages. These tempers were constructed in the characteristic style of the Dravidians. Some of the most well frequented temples by pilgrims from all over the country as well as from abroad are the Kapaleswarar Temple and the Parthasarathy Temple in Chennai and the Big Temple in Thanjavur. The Christian community holds sacred the Basilica of our Lady of Good Health in Velankani.

The state of Tamil Nadu is proud of having the largest number of districts numbering 32 and as in Kerala, there are several interesting places to visit for the tourist like the Marina Beach in Chennai, the Botanical Gardens in the hill station of Ooty, the statue of Tiruvalluar in Kanyakumari, the Kourtalam water falls, the Papansam and the world famous Meenakshi temple in Madurai.

Both Tamil Nadu and Kerala have a rich cultural heritage. The cultural foundation of Kerala is constituted through a blend of both the Tamilakam emanating from Tamil Nadu and the coastal region of Karnataka. The two famous dance forms in Kerala are the Kathakali dance and the Koodiyattam dance forms. The inhabitants of both these states take pleasure in all the festivals that come through the year such as Onam and the Pongal which is fêted in the month of January.

One of the differences between the two states lies in their climatic conditions. Kerala is considered to be one of the wettest places in India having an equatorial tropic climate and receives rainfall for around a hundred and thirty days in an year while Tamil Nadu has a arid and sub-humid climate and the annual rainfall in the entire state is around 37.2 inches.

Of all the states in India, Kerala can easily boast of being a state with the highest literacy rates in the entire country, being 94.59% as well as a higher Human Development Index. On the other hand, Tamil Nadu even though the literacy rate is not comparable to Kerala, it has the largest number of business ventures in comparison with any other state in the country which is 10.56% of the whole country.

The economy of both the states is dependent on various sources of business. Kerala thrives on its burgeoning tourism industry. It is one of its first and foremost industries that have been responsible for its economic development. Quite recently, in Tamil


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