Difference Between LCD And LED LCD stands for Liquid Crystal Display. LCD screens of television, computers, cellular phones…

Difference Between LCD And LED

LCD stands for Liquid Crystal Display. LCD screens of television, computers, cellular phones and some watches are very popular these days. The main advantage of the LCD technology is in the pictures. One of the important features of LCD is that the light source is external. The LCD screen is based on the system of three primary colors that make up each pixel. But the liquid crystals do not emit their own light. That is why a source of backlight is needed. For this purpose CCFLs are used in it.

LCD screens are much thinner and lighter than old screens of CRT (cathode ray tube). LCD requires less energy and emit no electromagnetic radiation. This technology allows images to become clearer and a higher resolution display which is flicker-free. So it is less harmful for eye health. For proper operation, light generated by the backlight must be white in color and should not be polarized. The main disadvantage of the LCD screens is that they provide diagonal view. The light must pass through the two stages of polarization before coming to our eye. So the view is not wider. Another problem is concerned with the contrast and intensity of black. LCD Technology has the problem of latency.

LED screens are a particular type of LCD screen. LED stands for Light Emitting Diode. The difference is due to the source of the backlight. Instead of a traditional lamp, a different type of light is used in LED technology. The LED emits colored light using less energy and space as compared to traditional bulbs. The technology of LED has made it possible to produce television thinner and therefore a better appearance. It provides higher contrast with deepest black levels. It facilitates a range of colors and the view is wider and more crystalline. It consumes lower amount of energy. There is the absence of mercury. So, LED is more eco-friendly. Both LCD and LED have higher lives. The durability is about 100 hours while the durability of traditional screen is 50 thousand hours.


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