Leeching vs. Seeding

Difference Between Leeching and Seeding Leeching and seeding are two actions that are associated with file sharing, P2P…

Difference Between Leeching and Seeding

Leeching and seeding are two actions that are associated with file sharing, P2P in nature, through torrents. A file’s complete copy is known as seed. A single stream can have many seeds that can be obtained in parts from different sources and increase the overall speed. Leechers have a combined meaning, as it was at first named to describe people who do downloading, but do not do uploading; this affects by and large the speed of the network. People not having complete file are also known as leechers.

The number of leechers and the number of seeds in a torrent can have an effect on the speed you can have when you download a file. A file just uploaded with only a seeder and a more number of leechers can have a low speed. After a few hours, maybe someone has already finished leeching the file, and started to seed instantly then the speed will increase. When the number of seeds is more than leechers, you can expect download speeds much greater.

After leeching the entire file, instantly leechers became seeders. They do not have the bandwidth, but can provide assistance to those who are yet to finish. Others choose to keep the seeding, even after the passage of the minimum. It is true that the meaning of the word leecher can be explained from the fact that some people remove the torrent to stop seeding, whilst others purposely modify their clients to avoid the cost, even when they are being downloaded. This is not a recommended practice

P2P community health is the generosity of each of them on the net. Despite some errant members refuse to share for some reason, most still do share download bandwidth for others to experience faster and smoother downloading.


1. The seeds are a complete copy of a file while leechers are those who download more than they upload

2. Seeds, in general, increase the download speed while leeching decreases it

3. Leechers turn into seeders when the download is complete

4. Seeding is appreciated whereas leeching is not suggested



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