Liberal vs. Conservative

Difference between liberal and conservative Ever since the evolution of the human society, the principles of both the…

Difference between liberal and conservative

Ever since the evolution of the human society, the principles of both the Liberals and the Conservatives have been in existence. The Liberal and the Conservatives have divergent opinions and relationships concerning aspects of day to day interpersonal associations and life in general. There are several viewpoints and characterization on the kinds of thought process of people along with their perspectives towards life besides several other things. Similarly, the Liberals and Conservatives have varied concepts, outlook and visions on the economical, social and political features.

A liberal person is one who possesses an open mind and is independent by nature. He is more accessible and is always open to welcome new and fresh concepts pertinent to progress and development. The focus of the mind of a liberal person is essentially on the right of individuals and is deemed to be of a broad mind. A Liberal person besides being free and having equal and personal rights does not expect or insist on control over others and are therefore extremely optimistic. The Liberals always are of the view that the society is a cooperative accountability of the government. A liberal often favors more of the clasp of the government and of public sectors.

The Conservatives are those individuals who are extremely conventional in nature and do not favor a great deal alterations in their normal day to day routines which have been practiced from the bygone eras. The Conservatives are much more disposed to be in favor of private sectors and the least of government intervention. There is a tendency amongst Conservatives to go in for communism and a socialistic point of political domination. Further, they are not enthusiastic on abrupt and huge alterations which tend to be fast and therefore are deemed to bearing classical viewpoints. They uphold their firm belief in their actions, habits and principles and repose faith in their individualistic conscientiousness, considering that each one is accountable for themselves and their advancement lies in themselves.

There is a vast array of differenced between the Liberals and the Conservatives.

  • Liberals are unorthodox and non-traditional by nature and are against any kind of authority or authoritarians and are averse to taking control of others.
  • Liberals are more open to changes and are more open-minded to various transformations in morals, society, culture and life on the whole as against Conservatives who are prone to go against any change. The Conservatives are averse to the idea of change since they have faith in their old customs and conventions. They firmly belief in their conventional values and norms and steadfastly believe in their religion.
  • Liberals are of the view that the government should be held liable for practically everything, creating equal opportunities for one and all and are of the viewpoint that the resolution of any problems relating to societal issues is the total responsibility of the government. In fact, the Liberals are of the view that the Government should dominate our lives whereas the Conservatives do not want much involvement of the Government in any part, irrespective whether it is cultural, economic, social or political. Further, Conservatives consider that the government should hand down independence to people in order for them to accomplish their personal objectives without the interference of the government.
  • Liberals attempt to better their problems through the method of social engineering while conservatives do it on their own.

In summary, both these diverse types of personalities with two separate set of opinions, values and beliefs exist in society adjacent to each other and hence each and every individual has the right to exercise their independence of vision and represent freely what they have their beliefs in and put them in action.


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