Lime vs. Lemon Trees

Difference Between Lime and Lemon Trees Both Lime and lemon are citrus fruits.  Lime trees and lemon trees…

Difference Between Lime and Lemon Trees

Both Lime and lemon are citrus fruits.  Lime trees and lemon trees are grown in Asian countries because the need ample heat from the sun for their growth. These trees cannot grow in cold environmental conditions. These both are rich in vitamin C.

Lime Tree

Lime tree grows usually six feet to 13 feet in height. Its leaves and barks when broken give a smell of lime. Its flowers grow 3 inches in size.  Historically, lime fruit has been used to cure the scurvy, inflammatory disease occurred in mouth resulted by lack of Vitamin C in human body.

Lemon Tree

A lemon tree can grow up to 20 feet in height. Their leaves grow about 4 or 5 inches in size. Lemon has also medicinal qualities. It is an antiseptic. It is used to clean the wounds and as an antidote for some poisons. Lemon fruits are oval in shape. Some varieties may be in oblong shape. Lemon fruit is bigger in size than lime.

Difference between Lime Tree and Lemon Tree

Lemon and lime trees are easy to recognize. When one sees both side by side, one will observe that lemon tree lemon tree is taller than lime tree. They can easily be differentiated by smelling its leaves. Lime tree leave give a smell of lime while lemon tree has no smell at all. Lemon contents greater amount of Vitamin C whereas lime contains greater amount of Vitamin C. Some people try to differentiate between the two by color. They assume that lemons are yellow in color and limes are green in color. But these are wrong notions. Both the fruits are green while in ripening stage and become yellow when ripen fully.


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